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I paid for a regular account. Does this not enabler to listen to my playlist or my friends playlist? So what's he difference between free and $4.99 and premium?
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I'll try and write a quick summary between unlimited and premium for you.


Spotify Free:

- Ad-supported listening on the desktop and web player only. 

- Restrictions on play time apply in selected countries after accounts have been registered for 6 months.

- Standard audio quality. (160kbps)


Spotify Unlimited:

- Unlimited Ad-Free listening on the desktop and web player only. 

- Standard audio quality. (160kbps)


Spotify Premium:

- Unlimited Ad-Free listening on all of the applications (desktop and mobile), desktop, web, iOS, android, Windows Phone, and partner systems such as Sonos, to name a few. 

- Highest streaming quality (320kbps)

- Ability to listen to playlists in offline mode, so you can download and listen when not connected to the internet or to save on mobile bandwidth. 


All subscription levels have access to the same social features. 



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