Support Locked My Out of my Own Account

Support Locked My Out of my Own Account








Last week someone in Mexico got into my account and I was notified via email. I followed the instructions, logged out of all devices, reset my password, etc. etc. 


Since my account was hacked into all of my emails from Spotify have been in Spanish. I tried to find where I could change that setting and was having no luck, so I decided to chat in to support and see if they could help. 


I chatted in with this message

"I got notification from you that my account had been logged into in Mexico (wasn't me). I changed my passwords and all that, but now my emails form you are coming to me in Spanish, and I can't figure out how to get them back to english."


Almost immediately the support person locked ME out of MY OWN ACCOUNT. 


Straight from the transcript of my chat:

"Jhun M: Hi there, how are you today?

Jhun M: It is definitely uncool to receive any notification regarding changes on your account that you didn't do. Leave your worries behind, I am here to sort this out.

Jhun M: Please bear with me while I review your account.

Emily S: Thank you
Jhun M: You're welcome, Emily.

Jhun M: It seems that our system has detected some possible unauthorized activity. I’ve taken the precaution of preventing anyone from accessing your account (including you) so I can secure it.

Jhun M: So I can verify you’re the rightful account holder, please provide one of the following:
- A screenshot of the earliest Spotify payment receipt you have available. You should be able to find this by searching for "Spotify receipt" in your inbox.
- A screenshot of a Spotify payment on your bank statement (please ensure the date and reference is visible in the screenshot).
Note: Make sure the screenshot doesn't show your full credit card number, expiration date, or 3-digit code."


I was not given any information, asked permission, or even asked to clarify what it was I was needing help with before they decided to lock me out of my own account and ask for personal banking information to verify I am who I say I am. 


Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that they take security seriously, but I wasn't even asking for help with someone hacking into my account. I just needed my email setting to be changed back to English.


Of course I had to provide them with what they asked for otherwise I wouldn't be able to get back into my account. 


Here is what happened next in the chat after I sent proof that it was my account:

"Emily S: All that I needed was my emails set back to English

Emily S: Why is all of this necessary?
Jhun M: My bad. The language is now set back to English.

Jhun M: I forgot to change back the language to English before I re-enabled it."

If I hadn't asked why all of this was necessary, my problem wouldn't have even been fixed. So much for customer service when they blatantly ignore what you need help with and do whatever they want. 


After wasting over half an hour chatting with customer support, I then had to waste more time resetting and relogging into my account on my devices when I already did that within the last week when they emailed me that my account was hacked.


I was also told that someone would contact me "via email in the soonest time possible." Directly after being told that, I was told "They will be in contact via email in the next 24-48 hours." 


Soonest time possible my a$$. 


I always thought Spotify had good customer service and was in the same league as Amazon. Clearly they aren't. 


I'll be amazed if anyone ever contacts me about this nonsense. 



Just wanted to let everyone to be aware that apparently this is what happens when you go to customer support for help!! 


Good luck all! 


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Hey @Emilyshinn,


Thanks for reaching out and giving some feedback on your experience with support. 


Just jumping in here to shed some light on why what happened has happened the way it did. 


When a Spotify user reports their account has been accessed without permission, support should act immediately and secure the account from their side. This is necessary because support have a better look at the account backstage and can determine what changes need to be done. 


In your case the agent has said that the system has detected unauthorized activity and so they took the needed measures. What you experienced is a standard procedure. Locking your account can prevent not only unauthorized logins but also unwanted changes being made there. 


We can assure you the time you spend with support on this was for double-checking and making sure your account is safe. We hope you understand.


Let us know if you have any other Spotify-related questions, we'll be happy to help.


Have a nice day!

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