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Telia + Spotify is not = Facebook

Telia + Spotify is not = Facebook

Jag har Telia som mobil operatör, i mitt abonnemang ingår Spotify Premium.

Jag har även Facebook, men att dela mina spellistor och vad jag spelar just nu på min Spotify fungerar inte på Facebook.

Varje gång jag försöker så kommer bara sidan upp om att jag skall ladda ner applikationen. Att logga in, fungerar icke.

Hur får jag min Spotify att samarbeta med Facebook? Så att mina vänner kan se vad jag lyssnar på?


I have Telia as a mobile operator, in my subscription is Spotify Premium.
I also have Facebook, but to share my playlists and what I'm currently playing on my Spotify does not work on Facebook.
Every time I try, it will only come up that I should download the application. To log in, does not work.
How do I get Spotify to work with Facebook? So my friends can see what I'm listening to?



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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Are you using the Spotify desktop application on your computer? 

You should be able to connect your account to Facebook under Edit > Preferences > Social Network > Connect to Facebook. You can then select what you share at the top of the preferences page. 😉 



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Yes, I normally use my spotify on my computer.

I do not have that solution under my preferences in my Spotify.

There is no line that says anything about a social network, exept in the first column that says the following:

Activity sharing: Scrobble to or Show what I´m listening to on msn: or Share my activity on Spotify social.

That last one "Spotify Social" is the only one, I have put a marker on.

But there is no possibilities on the spotify preferences to share on facebook!

And none on the settings on facebook!


Hmmm, I think I have found out what is the problem, or one of the problems...

My spotify account is referring to an old facebook account I had before. That account is deleted and in no more use. Same is it with the e-mail adress my account to Spotify is referring to.

And it says that I can change these preferences on my facebook account, but if they do not longer exist, how do I do the changes then?

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