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Very Frustrating Subscription issues

Very Frustrating Subscription issues

I have a spotify account. It is charged 10.99 a month because I live in Chicago. I do not get ads. I am not on free. I tried to ad a family member and entered my cc information but can not invite them as it says I am on free with no subsciption.


I can not seem to find any support from Spotify.


I can not invite family and I can not change my subscription from FREE even though I pay a monthly acocunt.


Would appreciate some contact or resolution from someone at Spotify as this poor level of service makes me honestly want to change to another music service.

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Hey there! 


This sounds odd. Could you let our Accounts team take a look? Just give them a shout at or via Twitter @SpotifyCares. Let us know how it goes.


Keep on dancing 🙂


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