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I am fed up. I have used the contact form twice now with no answer for a problem i have spent a month fighting with. My bank gave me a new debit card but spotify won't let me update or changed my payment information. Tomorrow my account runs out and I'm pissed. I have been a loyal customer and made sure money was in the account just for spotify every month. Now I'm going to lose my account because you people can't answer your contact form and can't do upkeep on your website. I have used my phone, firefox, IE8, and google chrome to try and changed the payment. After the second time i sent in a contact form I can't even get to the payment screen. It just goes to a blank white screen. I loved spotify it really helped me out with all the driving I do. I told all my friends it was worth the 10.00 but now i regret it. This has been a headach. All I want is for my account to update so i can keep my account. I wanted to keep paying for it but now I'm really thinking of going elsewhere for a music supplier. FIX THIS

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Hey, you say you had no reply from spotify. Did you not receive an automated email reply either? Is your correct email address shown on this page?


Have you tried cancelling your subscription then removing your existing card details here. Then log out and back in and try to subscribe again from

Yeah I got the automatic messsages but no real reply to the problem. Just the thing saying we will review it then nothing. 

And yes i did fully cancel it out and try to readd it it won't even let me readd it. That is why I'm upset I have never missed a payment. My account should be in good standing because they have always been paid

I'm not sure you did exactly as I suggested but please reply to the most recent of the automated emails. Also post the 8 digit case # here and I'll escalate it to the staff.

Yes i did remove the current payment logged out and back in and I still can't get it to change over. The most current case number is 01394511

Will it not let you remove your payment method after cancelling? I'm not talking about changing the payment method, just removing it altogether.


I've escalated your case by the way.

About a month ago i got the new card I tried to change it a few times it would never work so I figured I had to wait till the due date. Which is tomorrow. Still nothing. So I thought i could remove the payment all together and add a new one. So i removed the old just fine when i go to add the new one i get the message sorry payment could not be changed.

So if you've now cancelled your subscription AND removed your card details, try resubscribing here - with your new card. Make sure you use your existing account details and don't create a new account.

White screen

Hmmmm.........let's hope the spotify guys can get this sorted for you quickly.

Oh, try that subscription page again but log out of spotify, including this community first.

White screen all over again 

Well jwylot It's 4/20 and i can no longer listen to my music. Still no email or any kind of reply from the staff, the links and payment page still go to a while screen that just has spotify at the top with a black bar, and I still don't have my music. I've had it if i don't have a reply fixing this by the end of the day when i get home from work I am calling the BBB and luanching a complaint. As a paying consumer It is my right to inform the BBB of a bad business. Considering they took my money up till this point with no reason to refuse service or even so much as a statement.

Gee guess I don't have to. It's already Rated F with over 100 complaints. But I'll make sure to add another

I know you have probably already tried, but does using a different browser make any difference?

Unfortunately, Spotify support can take a little extra time at the weekends to get back to people.

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I've used my phone my ipod touch IE8 firefox and google chrome

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