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What is this? Scam?

What is this? Scam?


My Spotify told me that there's a payment problem and redirected me to a page where I'm supposed to put in my creditcard information. I've been using Paypal all this time and on Paypal everything looks good. The subscription is active and my card is up to date. I think this feels dubious. So I have decided to ignore this request and wait for spotify to draw payment from paypal as usual. What do you think?

This is a screendump of what I mean. It's in swedish.


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Hi Sickan!

The website I'm looking on your screenshot right now looks like the legit Spotify official website. When in doubt, remember to check the URL, everything that is not is not coming from the official Spotify website. Also, the website is using https technology (that is what the green lock on Chrome indicates) which means that the information that is being sent and received from Spotify to your PC is encrypted therefore keeping hackers away from your passwords, credit card information, etc.

If you are still not convinced and since security matters should be taken seriously, there's one thing left to check. Whenever Spotify can't retrieve money from your payment method it sends you an email telling you so. Have you received any of those? What was the email address where it came from? The desktop Spotify app (on Windows, Ubuntu or Mac) also informs you if such thing happened.

Remember not tot be afraid of asking more questions if you have them!


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Well I haven't recieved any emails about it yet. I'm still waiting for Spotify to draw the money from my Paypal account. I still don't think I should give up my information even if the page appears legit. I don't know what it's been like in the rest of the world but here in Sweden there has been alot of scams that starts just like this.

From what I can see there is really small chance this page is not the real one but I understand your concern. If you are still not sure, you should wait for the Spotify email, but there's not much I can help you with apart from that. The only problem I could imagine is a virus on your PC disguising the fraud website as but, again, it's really unlikely. Basically, you'll have to wait and see. If you don't receive an email and you do not lose Premium then it's most likely a fraud attempt, otherwise you can be certain the website is 100% legit.


If you are interested in security, I recommend you to install a good antivirus that don't let you access to scam attempts. Also, you could download elementaryOS, an operative system just like Windows that is much more secure and free (as in beer and as in speech).


Anyway, if you need any more help we are here to help. If this was enough be sure to press "Accept as solution", I would appreciate a lot.


Have a nice day!

Spotify finally drew money as usual without any problems. So I was right! Somebody was up to no good. I hope people haven't shared their card info on that page. They really shouldn't.

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