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Why Spotify?

Why Spotify?

I don't see point in paying monthly for this.. you can't Purchase! nor can you download any of the music.

£9.99 per month to listen to music?? riddiculas. I can get the music anywhere and listen to it just same.Without! having to pay a monthly subscription. All am paying for is to use the spotify Engine and comes with media which again if i wanted i could use Google to find that. The day you Stopped the Purchases and downloading of tracks was the day this became unintresting and not worth paying for.

So i do not see the point in paying for something thats free for a person to listen too elsewhere.

This should be FREE. No ways i will pay a subscription unless i can purchase and download like i can with Itunes.

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Hey there, nope, it's no longer possible to purchase music from Spotify. We're a streaming service so your subscription gives you unlimited, ad-free access to 20,000,000+ tracks and the ability to save playlists for offline use so you can listen to them wherever you want, no Internet connection required. 


If you need access to CDs (for whatever reason), you're probably better off sticking with iTunes or Amazon. But if you listen to music on a computer or most major mobile devices, Spotify makes it easier than anyone else to get access to the music and to make playlists around it without any listening limits or any adverts. Not to mention the sound quality, which is far better with Spotify Premium than you'll get with any comparable free service.


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