Why is my Spotify account using the swedisch Popcharts?

Why is my Spotify account using the swedisch Popcharts?

 I´m living in Germany, but if i play the toptitels i´m only getting the swedish charts? How can i switch to the german charts?!

Thnaks for your help!

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When you're in your Spotify, click on 'Top Lists' down the left hand side. At the top of each list, slightly shaded, should say 'In Sweden'. You should be able to change this to 'In Germany' when you click on it.

From checking this, I can see that Alex Clare is the 'top track'. Good work, Germany. Good song.

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Hi Sam,


Yes, this is working in the Spotify App, but not if i´m using Spotify on Logitech Squeezebox ;( . Seems that there is a failure in syncronising the account thats using the Facebook account and the one generated for login on squeezebox using the Spotify credentials. Is it possible to foreward this to the programmers?

Thanks in advance!


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