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Won't stop playing suggested songs

Won't stop playing suggested songs

I just made a playlist dedicated to Pink Season, by Pink Guy, and in the beginning it was working fine, and played 2 or 3 songs normally. Then, it out of nowhere started playing Carly Rae Jepsen, which was a suggested song. I figured if I just skipped it, it would go back to Pink Season, but no, just more suggested music. I tried restarting the app (on andriod) 3 or 4 times and I have only gotten it to play one more Pink Season song before it just went back to playing suggested songs. Is there any way to turn off the suggested music?

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Hey folks, 


Thanks for getting in touch about this.


We can confirm that the behavior you described is expected with the free service on the mobile app. Spotify free can help you find new music we think you'll love. That means we’ll continue to suggest tracks and artists for your playlists as you create and edit them. The more you listen, the better the suggestions will become.


If you have less than 15 songs in your Liked Songs, we'll add more songs. You will see a message telling you that the extra songs were added by us, but they can be replaced by adding more songs.


If you're on Premium, there's also the Smart Shuffle feature, which adds song recommendations to your playlists. Make sure that it is deactivated by following the steps in this support article.


Additionally, Autoplay is another feature that could be causing this behavior. We'd suggest checking out this article for more info on how to disable it.


Lastly, you can find all the differences between the free and the Premium service as well as the available subscription types here.



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I also forgot to mention that it doesn't happen to any of my other playlists.

Hey there!


Suggested music is one of the features of the free version of Spotify.


if there is a lot of suggested songs you can reduce them by:


  1. Adding more songs to the playlist as this reduces the amount of suggested songs
  2. Getting premium. if you have Spotify premium you won't get any suggested songs


I hope this helps! 🙂

Thank you so much!!

My spotify account won't even let me play any song I have saved it only plays suggested songs

Yeah I have the same problem when I'm trying to listen to the album. I can listen to any other album with more or less songs and it doesn't play suggested songs, but when I try to listen to Pink Season, I get pretty much only suggested songs.

I have premium and it's still playing suggestions

@jean3601 wrote:

Hey there!


Suggested music is one of the features of the free version of Spotify.


if there is a lot of suggested songs you can reduce them by:


  1. Adding more songs to the playlist as this reduces the amount of suggested songs
  2. Getting premium. if you have Spotify premium you won't get any suggested songs


I hope this helps! 🙂

One of the features on the free version of spotify? More like one of the involuntary penalties. Hey thanks for the info though, I honestly was expecting a similar quality to the free Spotify for desktop so I thought I was going crazy when the app experience was so dissapointing.

I have premium and still does it. How can I make it stop, it's lame and makes me angry.



You can fix this by going into your Preferences under Edit if you're on a PC. There, you can scroll all the way down and uncheck Autoplay. If you're on a smart phone, go to Playback in your settings and uncheck Autoplay at the bottom.


If this doesn't work for some reason, you can always just click on any random song under the artist you wanna play and make sure your shuffle is on. 


Hope this helps!

This absolutely does NOT work for the Premium version, especially on Android ! It is very, very, very super annoying !
I have cleared data, cleared cache, force stopped the app, installed and reinstalled, turned off autoplay, added 12 songs by 12 different artists, etc. etc.
I listen to a playlist all night long from one of the many I have. I don't switch from one playlist to another at night because I'm SUPPOSE to be able to meditate myself to sleep listening to the songs I have very delicately put together in a playlist.
The minute it starts playing a song not in my playlist, I wake up and have to delete the song and try, try to go back to sleep again--impossible task !!!
If Spotify does not solve this problem for Free and Premium members, they will lose a ton of members who fly to Google Music.

False. I have Premium yet it keeps throwing up suggested songs. Hence, I'm here trying to ratify the issue.

*I have unchecked 'Autoplay' from my preferences.

Yep, still have the same issue with Premium even though I turned off Autoplay. It's REALLY annoying to the point that I may want to switch back to YouTube Red. I never had this problem with YTR... frankly, if I can do better then it isn't worth paying for.

I am having similar issues to other replies on this thread. Unchecking Autoplay does NOT solve the issue. This is incorrectly labeled as solved.


A bug fix is much needed on this issue.


I'm trying to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack which definitely has enough songs yet this **bleep** skips to **bleep**ing blurred lines which isn't remotely related to Hamilton anyway 

Spotify Free is horrible. I'm going to switch to using youtube since it'll actually play what i want. 

Suggested music makes sense: we aren't paying for the stuff. However, it seems with the last update I only have control over what genre I want to listen to. Not what artist, or period, or whatever, but a general generic radio station full of songs I've never heard of. For example, there's this awesome video game soundtrack on spotify with 40 songs on it. I shuffle the album, and it plays a song out of the middle, then plays suggested songs for the next 45 minutes. Those songs started as other video game soundtracks, but quickly progressed to anime, classical, and anything else relatively related. A song from another artist every other song is a feature. A song you want to hear, followed by an hour of music you don't is an uninstall. It's that simple. I'll come back when I have the money for premium. Until then, I'm sorry free spotify mobile. I'm breaking up with you.

You don't neccessarily have to have a playlist. I just push shuffle play with an album that I like. That works. Roses are red. My name is not Dave. This makes no sense, microwave.

That's what I tried to do, but it didn't work. Just played suggested songs
after the very first.

I completely agree with the frustration. I did not buy premium and make a playlist to listen to songs I did not originally put in the playlist. This feature should be optional especially for premium members. To temporarily solve my problem, I just downloaded the playlist and then turned off my internet access. Not the best solution, but it seems to work

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