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Zip code invalid


Zip code invalid

I am trying to rebuy premium after taking a hiatus but I can't get through the zip code screen. It's saying its invalid but it's not. I live in the US, am using a US zip code, and I am currently in the US trying to buy this so what is the problem?? I need this before my flight in 30 minutes.
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did not work for me, i stuck in usa country and is not giving anu chance to change country, before i was in uk, and since i change country to us, now the zip code is invalid  I live in bermuda british territory but with usa conection!!!!! really frustrated to get the premium!!!!!!!



Its not working for me either and I'm in Australia. Maybe It's just certain accounts?

Hi there, what I did was change the country to UK, as Bermuda is a british colony the option was available and start to work fine again. But do it on a Microsoft pc no a Mac

I solved it while encountering this (frustrating) issue!! I went in to edit my profile and found that USA had been added automatically as my country. I switched it to Canada and entered my postal code and voila! Spotify was able to take my money. 🙂

Hi, so frustrated. Trying to get Spotify but the zip code ( post code in Australia) says 'invalid"
Please help me spend some money Spotify!!!

Just found a workaround and this is crazy.

I live in Canada but my country was set to US for some unknown reason and I hadn't the option to change it at all. After entering my VALID Vancouver zip code and having received the same error I tried to trick the form and I entered 90210 as a zip code (yes, Beverly Hills...)

I was prompted that I was using a card issued in Canada and that I wasn't in the US ( oh really?!) so they asked me to set my account to Canada. I did it, the form got refreshed and the zip field wasn't event there anymore. Entered my card information and I was done. Finally!

Hope this helps everyone.

Forrest park ga

It not just canadian postcodes its also UK... Ive tried my own, my old address my mums and my dads but nothing just keeps saying its invalid. My boyfriend can't remember his was going to see if a Swedish one works but ah well xD

HI im tryin to get premium but i can't figure out what the zip code is. 

When i try to google it i always get back to my POSTAL code by address, of course denied in the Zip code field.

I am resident in uk, little help?

many thanks 🙂

having the same issuse... claiming my iphone i have to enter my postal code so i do and then enter my phone number and click sumit but say that they arent valid

@TheBaconSpeaks wrote:

So this problem hasnt been resolved yet? I'm actually quite frusterated I cant use this while Im at school, instead of constantly switching back and forth through youtube. I might as well just save myself the money if a small problem like this still hasn't been fixed. Im Canadian and using my Canadian Postal Code, yet it still asks me for a ZIP. I tried usin all capitals and just pressing enter instead but none of that works. So now I have to wait longer for a response and to file a ticket.


Spotify won't accept my credit card's zip?? (EU Credit card)


Can anyone tell my why????

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