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add family members

add family members

Hi I'm trying to add family members to my account but even though I have added their email and checked that they are correct. They are not receiving the email to upgrade their account. I have tried to resend and it doesn't work either. sending normal emails works between us.

can you check that your invite button is working please.

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Hey there, @Anitamar


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community!


If you're still experiencing this, can you let us know if trying things again from:
- A different device
- A different web browser
- An Incognito/private browser 
...helps out?

If the user's you're trying to invite haven't opened their Spotify accounts yet, we'd also recommend asking them to open an account with Spotify, before sending the invites to their email 🙂


Let us know if this does the trick.

We're here, and happy to help.



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