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charged wrongly

charged wrongly

I took out the 48 hr trial on my phone and cancelled there after. My subscription says I am currently using Spotify free and have no payment details entered. I was charged £9.99 on 14/10/13 from my paypal account. In app it says I need to upgrade to premium yet even though iv been charged for it I get no benefit for having done so. Not very impressed and hope this will be rectified asap.
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Hi, and welcome to the community!


I suggest you submit an online contact form; and someone at Spotify should be able to make sure you don't get charged again. They can also, if necessary, provide a refund provided sufficient evidence is found or provided to prove you were charged wrongly.

If you get an automated reply; make sure to reply to it directly (even if it's from a no reply); and it will be sent to the Spotify staff.


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kiemurr - Hey! The 48 hour trial will not lead you being charged. This will have come from the 30 day Premium trial, where you have to enter your payment details to get the trial started. This suggests you have another account out there.

My colleague, Adam, emailed you back this morning. If you could send the Order ID from your trial receipt through, we'll be able to find that charge.

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