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I stopped paying subscription so I would not get the invoice, I got invoice last month and this month. Can you stop this s I do not have multiple invoices?

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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Can you double check that you've followed all the steps to cancel your subscription? Once your subscription has definitely been canceled I can help you contact Spotify about their refund policy if need be.

Looking forward to your response 🙂

I got confirmation that it was canceled and was told that I was welcome back tendons

Goodbye for now!

If it's all been a terrible mistake and you've changed your mind, click here to Resubscribe to Premium.

If you'd like to come back to Premium any time in the future, just sign into your account with the same Username and Password and click 'Renew your subscription'.

Bye for now!



Okay, could you get in contact with Spotify support? If you explain your issue, they can take a look backstage. The easiest way to contact them is by messaging SpotifyCares on Facebook or Twitter. You can also use the online contact form on this website if you would prefer to communicate by email. They usually respond within 48 hours.


Please let me know if you need anything else 🙂

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