manage my subscriptions

manage my subscriptions

Where is the is "Mange your subscriptions" page supposed to be seems that can be the fastest way of getting rid of this all of a sudden second account tied to face book.??????????



If you find that your playlists are all missing when you login, and you're suddenly on a Free subscription when you weren't before then no need to worry. It's likely that a duplicate account was created for you by accident during the integration with Facebook.

To sort everything out try the following:

1. Log out of your account (click your name in the top-right, then Log Out from the drop-down menu). 
2. Log back in with your original Spotify username 
3. Connect this account to your Facebook through Edit > Preferences (in Windows) or Spotify > Preferences (in Mac) 

You will able to disconnect from Facebook again if you wish, but your playlists should have returned. 


If that doesn't help it's probably best to then get in touch with us through our dedicated contact form rather than posting a new thread on the forum.


Any further questions, feel free to ask!


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Secondary account created


Where is this "Mange Subscriptions accounts" page supposed to be to delete my all of a sudden second spotify account.



You have created a second Spotify account. This was created using your Facebook login details. It appears that you have created a subscription on this second account.

You are currently logged in to your original Spotify account within the Spotify application. It is not possible to connect this account to your Facebook account because it has been detected that you have a Spotify account that is already connected to it, and that the account has a subscription.

We recommend that you cancel the renewal of the subscription on your second account.

  1. If you are logged into your original account here on the website, log out, using the link in the top, right corner of the page.
  1. Log into the Subscription page for the second account account, using your Facebook login.
  1. Cancel the renewal of your subscription, using the link under “Manage your subscription”.

While the subscription is still valid, you should use Spotify with that account. However, once the subscription has expired, you can create a new subscription using your original account. You can then use Spotify with that account. You should also be able to connect it to your Facebook account.

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how do you delete the sceond account? once i use that link there is no way to delete the account I all of a sudden have today

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