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payment trouble

payment trouble

Does anybody knows how to contact Spotify?


My mastercard is blocked due to internet fraude, so my payment didn't go through.

Now I want to pay via Paypal, but it takes up to 4-5 working days before a new card is accepted.

In the meanwhile I would like to contact Spotify to explain why the payment didn't work this month.


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Hey @BramVanderjeugd, welcome to the community!


The Spotify payment system will automatically try to process the payment again in a few days, but the account won't go back to Free immediately.


You'll receive an email notification with the information on when the account would go back to Free, so you might have enough time to receive and update your new card.


In case the account goes back to Free, you can just resubscribe, you won't lose a single song or playlist you've saved or created.



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