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playlist problem

playlist problem

I can't put in new songs in some of my playlists, i don't get it.. it works in 7 playlists and i have 11. I tried to look if i locked any of them or something but can't find the problem. 



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Hey @rebeckham.


If this is happening only on one device, I suggest restarting it to see if it helps. You can also try reinstalling Spotify, and using a different device to see if it behaves the same.


Let me know how it goes.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

It doesn´t work on desktop or android, ive tried to update and reinstall. But still the same.

Thanks for giving it a shot!


Just to confirm, are these playlists created by you or are you following them from other users? Also, are the songs you're trying to add local files or songs from the Spotify catalog?


Keep me posted.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp



Hi! Interesting case you have here.


I have listed the following conditions (that I can think of) that would stop you adding to a playlist below:

- You download all your playlists and have a total of 3333 songs. This is the maximum amount of songs you can download.

- Spotify bug (extremely unlikely)

- You are attempting to add songs to a playlist that you are following. You cannot because its not yours.

- You are trying to add to playlists in the wrong way. Unlikely seeing as you have done this 7 times before, but just in case, the way to do it is to go to your song, press the three dots for options, choose add to playlist, and select your playlist.


I hope we come to a solution soon enough!



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