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I am paying for premium but on my account it says I am a free subscriber. 

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Hey there @Desvmurphy, I’m sorry you’re having this issue. Have you received a confirmation email? If so, does it match the one in your account? You can also check your Spotify Subscription Page or Receipts page


Try logging out and back in. 

Hi . I have done this . The money has been taken from my account every month.

For how many months @Desvmurphy, I’d recommend you contact Support so they are able to track all the the months you’ve been charged as they are able to manage your account.

 You can contact support by filling this online contact form:
If you receive an automated email directing you to the community and/or help boards, make sure you reply directly to that email (even if it says it is no-reply) and an agent will get back to you as soon as possible.


I had to go on chat with Spotify to sort it out. They gave me some credit for the issue. 

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