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"Discover" not updating, still using people I no longer follow

"Discover" not updating, still using people I no longer follow

The "Discover" tab, both on the web player, and the desktop app are both showing recommendations from people I no longer follow, and are not adding recommendatons for people I have started to follow since the "Discover" tab was added. I unfollowed Spotify so it would stop recommending Rihanna to me, but it still does.


My spotify username is "b.o.o.d.l.e." and I am getting recommendations and notifications on the Discover tab from users:





Even though I no longer follow them or any playlists they have created.


Can anybody help, or know how to make them stop, as being confronted with giant pictures of Rihanna and is driving me crazier than it should.

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Hey @jcg76 - I've refreshed your Follower/Following counts which feed into Discover, so hopefully that'll kickstart things. It might take ~72 hours for any change to take effect though.


How long has it been since you noticed it wasn't working?


For common support questions, see
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First of all I wanted to thankyou for fixing my account, very grateful and meantot o reply sooner. I have another issue with Spotify, it's charging my bank account twice. I really don't know who to contact about this issue as I was unable to find any way of emailing spotify directly and could not even find a way to flag up a new post on this subject. But Money has been withdrawn form my bank account of two occasions this month by Spotify, how and who do I talk to about this. I'm afraid I don't actually find the Spotify interface very useful to contact anyone should I have a problem  like the one I just emntioned, is there any way to just send an email?







I have just solved it, I did have two Spotify accounts? How did this happen as they both had the one email adress and I have been getting charged twice by Spotify for the last 4 months? Should Spotify not have picked up on this?


Plus they both have the same bank details, I think this is rather out of order. Otyher websites can clock when the same details go down twice, tell me if I'm wrong?


Hey @jcg76 Our team can definitely help sort this out. Please get in touch via the contact form so that we can handle your payment issues in a secure channel. 


Also, just note if you get a automated response you'll need to reply again. Let us know if you need help with anything else!

Since upgrading to Premium, Discover is not updating.


This is the only reason I used Spotify.

Have had the same Top Recommendations for more than a week.  Previously, it updated every 3-5 days or so.


I run Spotify on an iMac, and tried logging out/uninstall.  Re-downloaded spotify, login with facebook, and same recommendations.


Please help.

can I get some help with this please

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