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"You can’t join your own plan!"

"You can’t join your own plan!"

Plan - Premium Duo

Country - Brazil

My Question or Issue

When I send the link (from my HP Notebook) to my wife's whatsapp with the invitation to her joining my Premium Duo Plan and she clicks the link the answer is:

"You’re already subscribed to Premium Duo. Now send the link to the person you want to add to the plan. They can log in with their existing Spotify account, or set up a new one."

I can't understand this answer because she is not already subscribed  to Premium Duo.  I sent the link to her not to me...

It's not working...

Please, any help?


1 Reply

Hi there @Zuzu_bem,

thanks for posting !


Please check out this help page on the Premium Duo plan.

It contains all info on how to send or accept an invitation the right way.


Another check you can do is have your wife use this help page to locate all accounts listed with her details and make sure she's logged into the right one while trying to accept the invitation.


Bear in mind that in order to join a plan, each user should have his own private account and that your home address should match on both accounts.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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