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someone else using my spotify

someone else using my spotify

Someone else is using my account, is it possible to disconnect everyone who is logged on so only i can log in agan? should i change the password also? for some reason my boyfriend facebook account is connected to my spotify, could you also undo that connection? he finds it annoying that what im listening to appares on his profile.
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I'm guessing your spotify account was not created with your boyfriends facebook? If its not, you should be able to deactivate it from your online account

You can also stop it posting on his facebook from inside the client by selecting private session in the top right hand corner 🙂


As for someone else using your account, I've escalated this to the spotify staff and they will look into it for you.


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Okay, everyone is logged out now.


Another good way to disconnect from Facebook is from the Preferences menu in Spotify. Scroll down to the Social Networking tab and click on "Disconnect From Facebook". 

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