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someone stole my music and put it on spotify under his name

someone stole my music and put it on spotify under his name

I noticed that someone has been using my music and renaming it to sell.

"A New Challenger Appears" by "Digital Smash" has stolen a number of tracks I've made and renamed them under his or her name to sell on multiple platforms, one of them being Prime Music. 


my soundcloud account is here and the tracks hes used are 


Game On - a rip of my track Other World


Warped - a rip of my track Blur


Horizon - a rip of my track Skyline 


Adventure - a rip of my track Journey


Transparent - a rip of my track Clear


The Chase - a rip of my track Spectral Discord


Otherworldly - a rip of my track Terra Blade


The Voyage - a rip of my track Forward


The End Is Near - a rip of my track Apocrypha


I made a private playlist on SoundCloud with the tracks listed above:


and here is the album with the stolen tracks on Spotify:


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Hey there @rsfmusic,

thanks for posting in the community !


As far as issues concerning Soundcloud i suggest you reach out to their support so they can provide you with the answers needed.


In addition, same needs to be done for your artist profile.

As this is an Artist page and personal data, please reach out to the Spotify for Artist support team using this help page for them to take a closer look.


Hope this helps=)

Maybe you can contact spotify or report him with evidence that he stole your music or claim the music as stolen.


Never heard of this before, but this seems like the most logical thing to do

I am sorry this happened to you.  Copyright your work with the Library of Congress if you haven't already done so.  The contact Prime through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act request for taking down infringing items on the prime site asking for them to remove.   If you need to have an attorney write the letter, also threatening legal action.  Check other media places as they may be doing the same elsewhere.  Good luck.  I am a music publisher and artist manager.

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