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Hello! Ive heard some people got netflix free for 1 year cuz they had spotify premium.. they did get a mail from spotify .. why havent i?? I also want 1 year free netflix because i got premium aswell.. [Snip - Email Address - Mod] send me something now please..

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Altec98h - The offer wasn't for an entire year, no, it was until the end of 2012. The offer has since expired, but you should chat with Netflix. They may have an introductory offer going.


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Hi there


I didn't receive any promotion email fra SPOTIFY for the 3. months of free netflix for Spotify preimum members. Therefore I called Netflix and they said that you were the ones running the campain and that I should talk to you.


It just seems 'wrong' to offer some primium members free netflix and not to all. Since I/we didn't receive the email in the first place how was we to know that the offer existed or that it has now expired?




What country are you in?

The offer was not available in every country 😉



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