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Payment failed

Payment failed

Hello Mr. Spotify 🙂


I've been Premium user for about year. So far there has been no problems with payment. But now, in November I was told the credit card payment is failed. And I can't get it through myself as well.


There is no issue with account, card or liquidity.


I would like to have Spotify Premium. If you still want my money, do someting for this.




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Hey there!


You might be able to purchase those e-cards.


Hope that those works better.

Well, if the payment works fine for a year and then independent on me or the bank it stops working and Spotify does not want to fix it, then my money does not belong to Spotify.


And why would I be able to pay these gift cards the same non-working way?

Actually those works when autopayment not.


You may be able also to solve payment error just by re-adding your credit card details to Spotify.

Hey there 🙂


Firstly a warm welcome to the Spotify community!


I would suggest that you drop the Spotify team a direct message using the online contact form and someone on the payments team will be able to look into this for you 😉 If you get an automated email reply, just reply back to that email and your case will be pushed in the customer service queue. 



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I've tried that re-adding a few times. Does not work. This is excellent service and I've been paying for it. I want Spotify to fix it or tell me what to do. Then I will decide if I want to go on with this service or not.

Try this contact form suggested by hammeh.


Payment team can look into it 4 you.

I had already sent the form and actually received auto-reply email. I just did not understand that I still need to reply to that to make them act.


Well let's see when and what happens...

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