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unauthorized debiting!!!!!!!

unauthorized debiting!!!!!!!



first they'll have to excuse my bad english.
Yesterday I wanted to try this 30 day premium, it has surprised me, I must specify the account data for a trial period,
I thought maybe my account belasstet first in 30 days.
Already this morning, my account was debited the full 9.99 euros. That's not legal! Clarify that they or I will take legal action! That is cheating.
mfg. frank

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Hi Fgeyer - As this is a payments query it will need to go through the contact form


From there our payments team can confirm some details and help get this sorted. 

I have do it so. 



But this is not legal ..............   

Fgeyer - Your email has come through, don't worry. Our payments team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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