using abroad

using abroad

Hi guys,
Going to tunisia in 4 weeks and was hoping not to worry about CDs and updating my ipad library and just using my spotify library instead! Although I do know that spotify requires an Internet connection every time you load it to check that you are a member... My starred songs are downloaded for offline use but I still need a connection?? Don't want a big phone bill for when I return!
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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


You should be able to download all of the tracks you want (up to 3,333) and then force the application into offline mode from the settings menu, meaning that it will then start without an internet connection.


You can keep the application in offline mode for up to 30 days, but be aware that since the application must connect to the Spotify servers at least once every 30 days to verify your subscription, if you don't go online for 31 days all of your offline content will be removed and you will need to download it all over again next time you go online! 



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