using tv as a diffuser


using tv as a diffuser


i have a samsung ku6000 tv with spotify installed. from a macbook (operating system mavericks) i open my spotify account, and start playing, using mac diffusers. i want to transfer the sound on tv, but just opening the spotify app on the  tv (without writing my credentials), my mac on spotify connect doesn't see the  tv, which is on the same wi-fi net. the tv says that i can enter into my spotify app on the tv by my desktop too, but it's impossible because the tv isn't on the list of the devices on my mac.  all i can do is to open the app from tv e to go into spotify with i.d. and password, then to open the app on my mac with i.d. and pw, and now finally the tv is on the devices available on spotify connect. but i would like to get a quicker way to use my tv as a diffuser, without having to write again and again id and pw.
is it possible?
shortly the question is: how can i quickly open and use spotify (without typing id and pw) on my tv?

thanx for any help 🙂

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