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3rd party EQ issues

3rd party EQ issues

I'm using Spotify on an Android phone and am running into issues with 3rd part eq apps specifically with bass boost features. The app I am using is Android EQ, but I have tried others with the same result.The bass boost works fine for one or 2 tracks, but then after it switches to the next track, the bass boost stops working.  EQ is working fine when this happens, it's just the bass boost. So what I discovered is that when I go into the power settings and uncheck bass boost and press OK, the bass boost works again. Problem with this is that because I have technically disabled bass boost by doing this, the slider for the intensity does not work. So doing some experimenting, I then checked the bass boost and hit OK, and then it stopped working again. I then tried leaving this feature disabled as it was working in this mode. But after my music app switched to another track, bass boost then stopped working again. I then checked the bass boost box in the power setting and it worked again. This issue happens between just about every song. This is terribly frusterating because I really like the sound I get when it is working correctly. Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it?

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Due to the underwhelming number of responses, I have been checking out a bunch of different EQ apps in conjunction with Spotify and found one that seems to work fairly well. 

and which one is it?

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