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4 times all downloaded music deleted

4 times all downloaded music deleted

How and why does this happen. What can I do to prevent this. The second time this happened I was Givin this link My device was there twice. Deleted them and started over. This was in August. I have reinstalled software and downloaded updates. It happened again on the weekend while off line with data and wifi off again driving listing to music. Playback stopped and all songs gone. Phone was not in my hand. Checked mentioned link and only 1 device. Checked over the next 3 days on the 3rd there was a second device. Deleted them again and re synced device. Today I downloaded update and a few songs. Within an hour they were deleted and there is no device in mentioned link. Other software problems include gapless play and cross fade do not work. Play back glitchie at times. Album covers sometimes appear and sometimes correct. I have a Samsung galaxy s4. I'm not wasting anymore time money and data on this. If I do not get a response and answer in the next few days I will he canceling. This is frustrating and inconvent. I use to use free down loaders. Never had an issue. This is a pay service and unacceptable. I look forward to hearing from somebody. Thank you
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