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About this new release

About this new release

So I noticed that a new version of Spotify had been downloaded to my phone yesterday when I was going home. It was late, I was tired and I really just wanted to listen to some good music. However, when I started playing I noticed that there was no shuffeling, and when I started to search for that feature I couldn't find it.


So now I'm wondering, how the hell can you release a new version of the Spotify-app without the features that was in the previous versions?

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The shuffle button is to the left of the Prev Track button when you start listening to something. It'll shuffle whatever's in your Play Queue.

There have been lots of features added to the new version, but at the same time certain functions have been removed. No idea if they are coming back and when if they are.

I just spotted another. When you put a song / album to play - the playlist is in view instead of the full screen Cover picture of the album.

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I blame it on my tiredness for not finding the shuffle-button (bad bad me)... But there still seems like stuff is missing, hence my original question.

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