Accelerometer uses 83% of all Spotify battery usage.


Accelerometer uses 83% of all Spotify battery usage.


Brief description of the issue:

    On my HTC One M9 I use GSam Battery Monitor to find out all possible issues with battery leakage on my phone.

    When I am using spotify the program shows me that 10% of all battery usage is Spotify and then in the details that the app itself used only

    17% of all spotify battery usage (e.g. 10minutes of all 65minutes of app battery usage) and the other 83% is accelerometer

    (e.g. 55minutes).


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Run the application.
  2. Check what parts of application used most of the battery.

What steps you’ve tried already:

    Tried to disable access of Spotify to Accelerometer but it is not possible as Spotify do not ask for this permission.

    Tried to find an option to disable 'Spotify Sport Activity Tracking' (example name as I dont know the exact name of this feature) but I

    couldn't find any option related.


Your device and operating system:

    HTC One M9 Android 6.0


Type of Spotify account you have (Free/ Premium):



The app version of Spotify you’re using:




It would be nice if Spotify will have an option to disable Accelerometer or disable Sports Tracker to save the battery for the people who do not use this feature.

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Re: Accelerometer uses 83% of all Spotify battery usage.


I just found this too. I used the app DisableService (you'll need root) to disable the RunningService, SleepTrackerService and Tracking Service.

I'll try and remember to report back on whether this fixes the issue. Bit **bleep** that it's not an option to turn off on the settings.