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Account hacked and playlists deleted

Account hacked and playlists deleted

Somebody has hacked my Spotify idea how this cod have happened. They deleted all my playlists, is there anyway to restore them?

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Before you start panicking, is everything missing inluding music you saved to your library? If so, it's possible you logged in using the wrong credentials (user name instead of logging in with facebook or the other way around) and created a new empty account. Try logging out then back in to see if this is the case.

This just happened to me aswell, no idea how though. I was able to restore the deleted playlists here. 


Weirdly someone had made a playlist of some ''artist'' named Alrima who's french. pretty strange..

Hi joe,

I don't have a Facebook account, somebody using a device calls karims's iPhone was accessing my account and playing music the same time as me.

He was playing songs like 'who are you ' by the who and created an empty playlist called 'who the f@&£ are you this is my account'!!!!

I can't remember how long I've had spotify but maybe playlists from 3-4 years have all gone. If you're able to restore them it would be great.



Thanks, though that link was 404 not found.

Hey @Andycurry. Get in touch with support here and they'll sort this out. While you/re waiting, try these steps:

Change your password on this page.

Then hit the "sign out everywhere" button.

Once you log back in, see if you can recover your playlists here.

Thanks Joe

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