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Bluetooth headset button issues [Android]

Bluetooth headset button issues [Android]


Having problems to control spotify app with bluetooth headset. Nothing else works than volume buttons.

Hardware: Oneplus3 & bluedio bt headset
Software: Spotify

I've tried to reconnect the headset, re-install spotify... frankly everything else than factory reset the phone.

Two things worth to mentioning.

- The buttons sometimes work initially, but later on they stop working.
- Previous version worked well, as far as I know.

I know there are other topics related to this issue, but they are rather old or for different OS.

Edit: Now the widget stopped working on home screen...
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I have the same issue, word-for-word. Previous versions worked, but not any more. Volume control works, but I think that's because volume control is device-specific, and not controlled by the app.

Same! Just started a few days ago, it had always worked before (across multiple previous bluetooth headsets).


Hardware: JBL Reflect Mini

App Version:


Same issue, in my case with a small bluethooth remote control in my car. Only started with the most recent Android release. Before that this setup worked fine for years.


I have found in my case going into the phone's settings, to apps, and force stopping Spotify will make it start working again.

Same issue with my bluetooth headset.


Heaset: Sol Republic Shadow

Phone: Google Nexus 6

Android Version: 6.0.1

Android security patch level: 5 October 2016

Likewise on a v10 using a portable clipon speaker. Pandora and Google Play work fine so its not my phone.

Android 6.0
LG V10
FELT clip on speaker

Same issue with LG G4 - buttons not working anymore - with following symptoms to boot:

  • Headset turns off automatically as if nothing were connected to it. Have to re--pair headset to get it to work again.
  • Music starts playing automatically after bluetooth headset turned off

Friend at work had same issues on different phone.

Spotify, can you please fix whatever was broken in the bluetooth stack from the last release of Spotify?

Yeah. Honestly, **bleep**ing **bleep**... I've been paying for this service for 5-7 years (can't remember if it was 09' or 11) and never have this much bugs. Though in all fairness the software was more simple "back in the days".

Now I also have a problem with spotify connect, as it disconnects my cellphone with tab all the time (tab connected with speakers).

I can't think anything else than that some coder who's getting fired from spotify did the "last prank" before walking out the door.

I know that I'm only single paying customer, but if this **bleep** doesn't get fixed by next week, I'll change my music provider.

Both of our phones, LG G3 and S5 did the same thing, rolling them back to ver cleared all the bugs

I am having the same problem. I have a Nexus 6P running Android 7.0 and I use a Jawbone Big Jambox.


The buttons on the Jambox don't all work with spotify. BT devices works fine with other apps but not with spotify. I have the same issue with Spotify on all of my BT devices.


I'm hoping for a fix soon.

Ditto here. I'm primarily positing just to add a +1 in hopes the Spotify notices the problem and fixes the issue. Seems that bluetooth functionality has basically gone into the crapper with latest update.

Same issue here. Bluetooth Controls don't work. Also music has stopped pausing when disconnecting from my car Bluetooth.

Nexus 6
Android 7.0
Spotify arm v7

I can confirm that restarting my phone resolved the issue. I shouldn't have
to do that though.

I should add that retsarting my phone does NOT resolve this issue.

For now, the only thing that works is to use 3. party task manager to kill spotify app and restart it.

Again, temporaly solution, NOT SOLVED.

I contacted Spotify directly about the issue and they did not acknowledge it as a known issue. Instead they just sent me their canned bluetooth troubleshooting email. Probably time to test out another product.

Same issue, sony xperia z2 6.0.1.

The issues start after disconnecting from my cars stereo (bluetooth kenwood) then connecting to my headphones, sony MDR-XB650BT. I can still hear music just fine but the controls dont work anymore, have to manually close the app twice after pausing the music then opening it again. This only started being an issue about 2-4 weeks ago. Seriously starting to "bug" me. 

The only "solution" to this problem is to downgrade to 6.2; 6.3 is the problem child and while I know this solution isn't optimal it will fix the bluetooth issue until spotify stops pretending that its not their software that is the issue.
Please keep in mind you will have to download your music again but to me it was well worth it considering the amount of hassle it was to look at the screen every time.
- uninstall Spotify
- make sure auto update in playstore is disabled or it'll automatically update you back to 6.3
- enable the ability to install apps outside of the playstore (I suggest disabling this setting once you've installed 6.2)
- go to
- download the apk for ARM architecture and install it

Thank you!!!

Seems like problem is solved with recent update.

For future reference, the version which works is


The recent update worked for me, but it seems like there are bunch of people who still have the issue.

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