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Ad freezing my account

Ad freezing my account

Lately when I click the ad to get 30 uninterrupted minutes the screen goes black showing that the video is zero seconds long and my only way to get out of it is by deleting the app. This is extremely frustrating and I do not know how to fix it.
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Hi. I've seen several reports of this in the last couple of days. It could just be an iffy ad so I recommend you get in touch with Spotify using the contact form or tweet @SpotifyCares.

Same exact thing for me.

The same thing happened to me multiple times so I kept deleting and reinstalling the app. It has happened about... four times already within the past day and I tried clearing the cache data, but now the app is just a blank screen even if I reinstall it. SO FRUSTRATED! (I just started my phone and logged in and so far it works!)

In the settings pull down bar go to system storage here you can see your
apps one at a time and uncheck the box for notifications. That way you can
navigate without interruption and greater speed


Your Google and Chrome sign in, offers ads and preferences on for your
interaction with your Android or other. Also there in preferences you can
throw off the persnickety advertisers by changing your ad id number

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