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Add To Homescreen Inconsistent

Add To Homescreen Inconsistent






(Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7")

Operating System



My Question or Issue

My issue is that this feature has been acting inconsistently, for a while, now.  At first, after working fine, it started making some of my playlist icons/buttons smaller. It may have happened before this, with others, but I know for sure that it did it after bringing my tablet back to the stock configuration,  because it was getting so slow. Now, I have some playlist icons/buttons that are the normal size, and some that are pretty small. The ones that are smaller are even a couple different sizes; one being about a quarter of the normal size, while the other is less than a quarter of the normal size. I want Spotify to fix them all, to add to the homescreen at the size that they first were.

Another issue with this feature is that my "Daily Drive" won't add to the homescreen at all. Since I have been listening to it, a little bit more often, I want it on my homescreen; it would be helpful, since Spotify is usually slow, making it hard to get into the playlist to start it. It's weird that I can't anpdd that playlist, since I can add a daily mix to the homescreen.


I just tried a couple things to see what other inconsistencies there are. I was able to add albums to my homescreen. Both went on at the normal size. I then tried some podcasts for the heck of it. The ones listed under "New podcast episodes" and "Your top podcasts" wouldn't add; neither the podcast or episode would. The only exception to that is the playlist of podcasts that's called "Your Daily Podcasts". I can't add my "Family Mix" playlist, not that I listen to it (for my own reasons),  but I can add the other playlists that Spotify created for me. The last thing that I just tried is adding "radio stations". They won’t add, either.

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Hey @MadmanOnWheels,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


I managed to find another thread about this here which has an explanation for what you seem to be experiencing.


Check it out and let us know if that answers your questions! We'll be here in case you have anything else you'd like to ask.



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