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Add an option to disable smart shuffle in settings

Add an option to disable smart shuffle in settings

  • Please add an opinion disable smart shuffle in settings, its very annoying to have to press shuffle twice and even wait to turn it off, especially as i used liked songs as my main listening area.
















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Hey @Mudana


Thanks for getting in touch about this here in the Community. 


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and will make sure to pass it onto the right team, as we always strive to improve your experience.

You can also have a look in our Idea Exchange to see if someone else has already made a similar suggestion. If there isn't one, you can give these steps a go and submit your idea so that other users can also support it. The higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for it to be implemented.

You can read more about how your feedback reaches Spotify here.


If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you. 

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Agreed, I also want to disable smart shuffle.

same, it is extremely annoying! 

With every android spotify update Im hoping smart shuffle will disappear. Hopefully one day but one can only hope.

its beyond annoying lol why not just keep the enhance playlist button??? i never used it but im pretty sure it does the exact same thing…also have any of you noticed that the like button next to songs in a playlist has disappeared? this is equally frustrating for me personally 

What a terrible decision by Spotify to add this “feature”. Smart shuffle is the worst experience for your own carefully selected playlists. And especially the fact that Spotify forces this option onto its users. Very user unfriendly UX decision to let the “shuffle button” work as a toggle between shuffle -> smart shuffle -> no shuffle

At least give the users the ability somewhere in the settings to disable this. I’m now looking into a competitor music platform

Spotify Please listen. I went to the trouble of creating this stupid account. If i wanted suggestions I would use on of ur playlists. I save my own music to listen to that music not ur suggestions. Worst feature

I also want to get rid of this option. When I'm at the gym I don't have an internet connection on my phone and I need one to turn it off so I have to stand in a random place hoping to get enough signal to stop it. It's also still added songs to the queue despite me turning it off. Not a fan of it myself. 

Hi there... Why do we need to vote on this? The feature is slow to toggle thru and unnecessary. If you want to give us a useful feature, you can add track numbers. Thanks 

I don't think there should be a problem with this. After all, when I normally listen to a playlist in normal shuffle mode, the same playlist NEVER switches to smart shuffle mode. It will always play like a normal shuffle for me. Until I switch it myself. This is a novelty that I don't mind at all. I'm more worried about when I get a + instead of a heart or a new home page.

This doesn't even make sense. Original comment is clearly stating that it's a problem when they go to switch the shuffle button. Your response is "Well I don't tap my shuffle button."

 its fine if its possible to disable this function. Sometimes when i switch it takes about 10 seconds for it to load until i can press it again to turn in it normal listening mode. So it just made using the app slower, and didnt improve anything at all 

I like to shuffle my playlists a few times so I get a different mix, since Spotify tends to shuffle in the same 10 songs up front. The smart shuffle button has made it so much harder to reshuffle because I have to wait for smart shuffle to turn on and off. Please give us the option to disable it, or move the option somewhere else so I can continue to reshuffle my music.

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