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Add files to playlist makes Spotify crash


Add files to playlist makes Spotify crash

Each time I add files to a playlist on my HTC Desire 2.3.3 Spotify crashes. This is very annoying. Who has the solution? Thanx!


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An crash shortly after adding a song to a playlist or starring something is solved by the preview app:

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

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I wanted to take a quick minute to provide an update since my last post and give credit where it is due.


I've been using the new app since it was first released into beta, and I'm as blown away with the experience as I was with my initial experience with Spotify. I stand by my feeling that Spotify listens little to its customers, but as for now I've chosen to continue being a paying member and enjoying all my music wherever I go. So - thanks to Spotify for getting the app right this time!

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Hi 4renault,


This definitely shouldn't be happening for you--how many playlists do you have?


The first thing I recommend is a clean reinstallation of the app on your Desire:


1. Open Spotify in your device
2. Go to "More" » "Settings" and select "Clear saved data"
3. Close Spotify and uninstall it from your device like this: Go to "Settings" » "Application"» "Manage applications".
4. Choose Spotify and press "Uninstall"
5. Restart your device
6. Then install Spotify once again through the Android Market, or by visiting in your device's web browser


Clearing the cache is a good step to try too. This can be done from within the app's settings.


Let me know how this works for you. 

I'm having this exact same issue with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, Android 2.3.4. (I don't know if I should have started my own thread instead?)


To ellaborate, I add a track to a playlist, or star, or un-star a track. Spotify crashes about 5-10 seconds later, every time. The playlist change is apparently received by servers because the action takes effect on e.g. my PC.


I have tried the steps above (Clear saved data, cleared the app cache, uninstalled and re-installed the app, with plenty of phone reboots.) No change.

Hmm. Strange. Does the Spotify application work fine otherwise, when playing tracks / browsing?
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This sounds like a similar problem to me:


It's been broken for a very, very long time.

Yes, I have not noticed any other problems. Just extremely annoying to have to restart Spotify every time I add a song to a playlist.

"This sounds like a similar problem to me:"


Actually they don't sound that similar - with your issue you are not able to start Spotify without crashing, for me Spotify crash only when adding a track to a playlist. There are a lot of other threads with people having the exact same issue as I though.

If I add a song to a playlist using the Android app I usually find I have to uninstall and reinstall it from that device. So these days I try to only add songs from my PC, which is a funky workaround to have to resort to.

Same here, since a few months I think.


Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 2.3.6. Spotify Premium.


Without any exception, my Spotify app crashes whenever I add a track to a playlist, add an album or set a track as favorite. It's actually impossible to maintain playlists on my phone. I use my desktop app for that. Hope it will be solved in next app update OR Android 4.0.


I am continuously promoting Spotify to others because I think it's that good, but this is really one very very very annoying bug.

Oh yeah, storing files om my SD card. Important to mention.

I have this problem too on my HTC Desire S. I've tried clearing my cache and reinstalling the app but the problem remains - I haven't had internet access at home for weeks and the app has been my only access to Spotify, so being basically unable to edit my playlists is really annoying.


Is there a maximum number of playlists or cached songs that the app will support safely? I have almost 10GB of synced music and maybe 50 playlists, if that's the problem it'd be nice to know about.

Each offline device connected to your account can store up to 3,333 tracks. A large number of playlists has been known to cause issues to Android versions of Spotify in the past, but it's usually rather a lot more than 50 to cause this. Like I've said elsewhere in this post, does the Android application work just fine if you don't add to playlists?
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I'm having the same issue on a GNEX 4.0 device. Songs seem to add to my playlist fine (I have 7 playlists, with about 91 songs total). 


I've cleared my app data and cache, tried again...Spotify will Force Close. I uninstalled the app, wiped app data and cache, still Force Close.


What's being done to fix this issue?

I might have stored files close to that number, it's hard to figure out how many actual files are synced just from looking at the app. It works fine otherwise, so long as I don't do anything to my playlists.

I have about 20 playlists. The two biggest lists has about 1400 and 500 tracks - none of these lists or tracks are synched or ever played on the mobile phone. All my other lists has 100 tracks or less. Only two of these smaller lists are synched on the phone. Doesn't sound like I've reached a limit...?


The phone has a memory card, Spotify is installed in the built-in memory and I assume synched tracks are stored on the memory card...

I have the same issue as well - about 15 playlists, if i add a song/album using the android app on my Motorola Bionic, Spotify crashes, but restarting will properly sync the files. Adding the tracks or albums on the desktop while the phone is connected via wifi or cell signal has no problem syncing.

I have the same problem .it makes playlist building a cumbersome task, unenjoyable, and so slow. Please fix this horrid bug. Rhapsody is so much smoother and faster to build lists. Thanks.


Yes. I have both rhapsody and spotify. They each have strengths and weaknesses, and annoying bugs. This playlist building bug that crashes spotify when you add a song or album is the most annoying playing issue on this app. Makes building a playlist much akin to pulling teeth, not much fun. Rhapsody beats spotify on playlist building right noire because of this flaw.... Jmo

Does this on my droid x... Im considering unsubbing if it does not get fixed. Latest updates seemed to introduce this bug. Please fix it.

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