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Again (?) no chromecast device listed on Android app

Again (?) no chromecast device listed on Android app

Two weeks ago, I posted that exact same problem that many users encountered (see below).  Then it was solved by Spotify.  And today I have the same problem occuring again... Someone else experiencing that ?


My Chromecast does not appear in the list of devices to connect to on the Spotify Android app (Galaxy Samsung S7, Android 7.0).  Other devices are listed (such as my PC).  I can cast from all other apps (such as Netflix) from that same phone.  I restarted everything (cast, router, phone...) and reinstalled Spotify (including removing all cached data)...

All versions are up to date...

It was working this morning, it is broken now. Grrrrr


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I am writing from France. No Chromecast recognized again. Is it a joke ? Without Chromecast I can't listen Spotify. I don't want to pay 10 euros monthly to have same problem each week ... Ras le bol !

Same here. Again and again and again. I'm sick of this **bleep**.

Same here. Android App was working this morning, no Chromecast device listed now (one plus 3, Android 8.0, latest Spotify stable, GMT +1). Streaming to Chromecast with iOS app works. Streaming Music to Chromecast with my iPhone makes the Chromecast appear in my Android Spotify app. Pausing playback on iPhone makes the Chromecast disappear in the Android Spotify app again.

And exactly the same here. Tried reinstalling Spotify, rebooting all devices.

Same here! Please fix for god's sake! Casting from Soundcloud works just fine. Come on Spotify!!!

Same problem. Searched the web for +2 hours now to find a solution. Still not working either on pc, tablet or phone. Can connect to the chromecast with other apps. 

Same here, issue has resurfaced. It happened a couple of weeks ago. It's getting annoying as we pay the premium membership and expect things to work. 

Chromecast (audio & normal) don't work anymore. Devices are not listed in the menu. I use a LG G5 SE. It worked yesterday, but now it's gone.  and it worked yesterday. 


@ Spotify: please don't fix what isn't broken. Because it happens too often after an update that Chromecast (Audio) gets broken.

Me too, every other app sees the Chromecast, using Google Play Music at the moment, bit Spotify after the latest update doesn't list it. It had done previously, phone and Chromecast rebooted to no avail.

Just to add, all my downloaded playlists have also disappeared. Bit of a **bleep** up with the app lads.

Same here. LG G2 android 5.0.2. Other apps can cast but Spotify does not see the Chromecasts. Stopped working at some point during this week.

I have exactly the same problem!

On three Android device software.

Getting a bugged screen.

Fix this Spotify!

This is unaceptable!


Any another forgot to add, 2 different android devices, different versions of android, neither running Spotify can see my Chromecasts.

Its clearly on Spotify's end man..Hope they fix it quickly.Till then we need to keep their attention I Geuss.

Same here. 4 phones, 3 different models;

Nexus 5

Xperia X

Xperia L1

Xperia L1


4 Chromecast audio generation 1 not showing up anymore in Spotify app. Works fine in other apps.


Two of the phones could cast from Spotify an hour ago and as I was comparing versions anc clicking around they too lost all track of the Chromecasts.

I'm having the same problem. Please fix this Spotify. Third time this happens in just a few months.


Android 8 on Sony Xperia XZ. 

Same problem here. No Chromecast audio in Spotify while Chromecast displays and works fine on every other app. Get it fixed please!!!

Same here, after the update yesterday chromecast does not appear anymore on my android device. Without this Spotify is useless for me. Please solve this asap!  

Me too. Nexus 5X running Android 8.1.


Could this be connected to the recent Google Play Services upgrade? (11.9.75)

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