Spotify doesn't recognize any devices

Spotify doesn't recognize any devices

This issue was marked solved on another thread with 149 comments and counting. Seems like the bug was fixed a couple weeks ago but it resurfaced in the past couple of days. I'm starting a new thread because I'm hoping someone sees it (they may be ignoring the other one because it's marked solved)


The issue:

Android Spotify app (in my case, on Pixel 2) doesn't recognize ANY devices that are on the same wifi -- my 6 Google Homes/Minis/Chromecast speakers.


I've tried:

- Clean uninstall of Spotify app + re-downloading it

- Clearing Spotify app data + cache 

- Resetting wifi/router

- Unlinking Spotify on my Google Home app and re-linking it

- Unplugging my ChromeCast audios and setting them up again


My husband has an iphone. His is working fine. My friend, who has the original Pixel, is having the same issue as me. 


When I use voice commands with my Google Home asking it to play Spotify music on xyz speaker, the speaker then appears on my app... but get this: it's labled as another speaker (not the one I asked for), even though it IS playing on the correct speaker(s) I asked for. And then when I switch back to phone it immeadiately forgets that other devices exist. Super wonky.


I actually work at Google on the Assistant team- was able to confirm that this is not an issue on their end.


It's driving me absolutely nuts. Please help.

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I'm experiencing exaclty the same issue. It was working fine yesterday, but then this morning my chromecast devices stopped showing up on my Android app. I can see the devices on the Spotify web player on Ubuntu, I'm pretty sure this is an issue caused by a recent Android Spotify update.

Exact same issue and exact same phone. And with my iPad Mini (iOS device) I am able to send music to the Chromecast Device in the app.

Same for me.... it's driving me nuts! 

It could be a server side issue. I tried old versions of Spotify from ApkMirror to see if I could get any working and didn't have any luck.

But the problem started when Spotify updated for me. 

Play store is showing Jan 24th version for me but I started experiencing the issue only today Feb 1st, which seems strange, I'd expect to run into the issue earlier if it was tied to the APK. My guess is that there was some breaking change to Spotify's internal APIs pushed yesterday night or early morning today. Don't see any recent updates to my Google Wifi, Chromecast, or Google Home. And considering other devices casting works fine further points to the issue not being caused by other devices.

Last evening everything worked fine, after i woke up no devices where showing (chromecast g2 and chromecast audio)


Device used: samsung s8 on android 7.0


Edit: everything is working again at this moment 


Until yesterday (approx between 3 and 7 pm UK time) I had no issues. Now Android Spotify won't detect any Google Devices on my network eg goggle home mini or Chromecast. Nothing had changed at my end.

Tried closing app, restarting phone, logging out of Spotify, updating Spotify, uninstall and reinstall. All made no difference.

All the Google devices are present in Google Home and working fine. Other Apps eg Tidal will cast to the Google devices fine. 


Seems like a change at the Spotify end broke Google home integration / detection.

Interestingly all devices are visible and working on the same network with my Spotify on my iphone. Just not on my  Android.

Same Here

Spontaneously working again 🙂


Lovely.... here too!

Just checked and not working here.

Google Audio has not been connecting for me, either, since the update yesterday. It's a huge problem, considering we just purchased three Google Audio devices because they worked so well with Spotify. Please fix this!

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It did work a moment and it doesn't work anymore now....



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