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Hi all,

Relatively new to this.
I have decided to save all my physical cd's onto spotify.

When I search for albums in spotify, some times they only show as a playlist and not as an album - can someone explain this to me?  Sample screenshot attached.  I have a copy of the CD so I know it is an actual album.

Also, when this happens, is there any way of saving it as an album in my library?



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welcome to Spotify! I'm happy to assist you!


Since users can publish there playlist and make publicly visible they may appear in search. This means for example everyone could create a playlist called "Evolve" and as soon as a user searchs for the album "Evolve" the playlist appears next to the album.


That's the difference. To summarize: users create playlists and give them such a name for whatever reason and albums are created by artists. So if you are looking for an album make sure to ignore playlists with the same name.


Hope this clarifies the topic 🙂

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