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Album covers fail to download completely.

Album covers fail to download completely.







Moto G5s, Droid Maxx (dug it up to rule out the G5s)

Operating System

Android Oreo, Android 4.4.4


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Spotify staff,


For around 3-4 weeks, nearly all of the album covers don't finish downloading.


Happens when both browsing around and on 'Now Playng'. 

Reinstalled app, spotify cache cleared, cleared app data, wiped phones' cache partitions, no improvement. 


Tried different DNS settings, different router, and without a router/firewall. No luck. 


I've been enjoying your app on a few different platforms. Still, I'm really starting to miss cover art!  Could this be an issue with one of Spotify's CDNs?


^Edit: I was checking the forums for a possible fix and saw that Spotify makes the beta builds available. The beta build currently in the Play Store fixed the cover art issues on my Moto G5s.


Link to join the beta test here.



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Hey @terq,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Glad to hear this is working for you now!

If you come across this issue again, do you mind providing us with the following info:

  • exact Spotify version
  • a screenshot showing how the cover art appears?

Thanks! Take care for now 🙂

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