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Albums not saving

Albums not saving

Recently albums I have saved stay for up to 10 minutes and then disappear from my music. I have also had it when I press the 'save' button and then does not change to 'saved' it just flashes green and then returns to normal. I have not yet tried to save this from my laptop because I have not had access yet and cannot use the web player at work.

Does anyone else have this problem or is there a limit set to how many albums you can save?

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sorry forgot to add android version 4.4.2

Yep - this is happening with me now as well. I just deleted a bunch of songs because I was near the limit, but still I am unable to save.


I can only save on my phone but then the albums disappear within 30 minutes. 

Spotify, Android 4.4.2 Samsung Galaxy S4 with 46 artists and 8,823 songs. Same issue where saved albums and artists disappear after closing for longer than 10 minutes and reopening the app.

Spotify, Android 4.4.2 Samsung Galaxy S4 with 46 artists and I have deleted saved albums cutting saved songs from 8,823 to 1,941. Despite being considerably below the 10,000 song threshold, the issue where saved artists disappear after closing for longer than 10 minutes and reopening the app remains unresolved. Suggestions?

My wife and I just found spotify (Sept 10, 2014), downloaded it to our Samsung S5's, and began playing around. My wife spent two hours creating playlists, and saving albums in preparation for a road trip we'd be taking the next morning. When she logged in the next morning, there were no saved albums (she had saved about 20), and no playlists (she created 2 with about 20 songs each).


Spotify Mobile version1.4.0.631 (Free account only)

Samsung S5 Android 4.4.2

I have had this problem since June 2014. I can not save any music to Spotify Premium. This is across all platfoms I use. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the programs, changing my password, clearing my browser cache for web player... but I still can not save any albums or single songs. I can however REMOVE songs but I am unable to re-save them. I was at 9,350 songs saved when this starting happening in June. I realize that I am close to the 10,000 song limit, however with 650 songs left to the limit I thought I could at least save a few more albums, but I can't save a single song. I don't want to remove any more music to experiement with this problem, since I can't re-add it.

It will appear that the music is SAVED after I click to do so, but after I close the app or program it will not be save when I reload. And song saves never appear in one app after I've saved in another (for instance I save in Windows 7 desktop program and it never shows in my phone). I once saved an album in my desktop Spotify and left it open for 24 hours, when I close and reopened the saved album was gone.


Platforms I use:

iPhone iOS 8, AT&T

iPhone iOS 7, AT&T (the problem existed since before iOS 8 was available)

iPad 2 iOS 8 (although you can't save on this platform so it's not relevant)

Web player in Chrome, IE and Safari

Spotify desktop app in Windows 7 (any all versions of this program that have existed since this program began for me around June) 


@Tunnelofgloves - I suspect you have hit the 10,000 item limit. From my understanding, the limit is 10,000 items, not 10,000 tracks so an album save counts as the number of tracks on the album + 1 which is why in reality you get less than 10,000 tracks.

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Hi everyone!

I've started to experience this issue like two weeks ago


I'm using;


1. Spotify

2. Android 5.0

3. LG Nexus 4


How can I count the number of songs, I can't find anywhere a counter or something like that.


I find that 10k songs limit absurd, if that's the case, then I will have to say goodbye to spotify


Despite of this limit, it doesn't explain why the albums I've downloaded overnight are there in the morning. But the application info on android shows me that the spotify size has grown. I think that there's a bug.



Thanks everyone


Same problem.  Albums saved to "your music" will disappear.  Sometimes artists will disappear and the return with no albums saved.  Then sometimes the albums come back.  This only happens on my phone (Android Samsung Galaxy exhibit).  PLease do something about this because its kind of a drag, man.


Spotify version

android version 4.1.2


Samsung Galaxy Exhibit


P.S: There is NO WAY i have 10K songs saved.  So, I dont think thats the problem, besides, all the albums disappear.  not just newer ones.  And when they come back, then I have the same album saved twice.

I have the same problem. My saved tracks, albums, artists have disappeared. They are available under the web player, but under the app it only says "your saved music will be here...". Tried logging in and out, restarting the device, did not help. I have around ~2,000 tracks, so the limit should no be an issue.

Saved playlists are unaffected. 


Device: Salaxy S4 mini duos

OS: 4.2.2.

Android app version: (appears as most recent, no update available)

Country: Hungary

Same problem here, the whole saving functions are messed up. I click save on an album and it doesn't save, I try to delete a saved album and I can't delete albums already saved either.

Device: OnePlus One
Os: Cyanogenmod 11
App version :

Forgot to say, I just subscribed back to premium after some years, I have many Playlists saved but they are not affected by the saving problem it seems (I can save / remove them) .

Experiencing same problem. I added several new albums this weekend, but after a couple of minutes they disappear. Doesn't matter what device I use (Nexus 7, Moto X).



I had the same problem on my S4 mini duos. I contacted support and a guy named Mathuros has suggested I turn the phone off and remove the battery for 30 seconds. I was sceptical as I have restarted the device several times to no avail, but apparently removing the battery is the key, because it has solved the problem for me. Hope it helps you, too.




I forgot to update the post, the problem in my case is not there anymore and I did nothing, I think it was something related to the account sever side and somebody did fix it or something momentarily present, i don't know, now it's working fine.

Same problem for a few days. New albums saved dissapear after a few minutes. It happens both in web player and in my kindle fire hd app.

Number of tracks: many (how can I know the exact number?

I spent ages browsing through Spotify over the weekend ‘saving’ albums to listen this week only to find that nothing has saved.  I’d like to know why this has happed. 


When you hit the 10,000 tracks will the app let you go through the save album process or will you be told you have hit the 10,000 tracks limit?

I never got any real help from message board about this issue except learning about the 10,000 saved item limit. So I blanked out everything I saved and found that I was able to save things again. However, I've gone back to saving albums and artists in playlists since Spotify doesn't have this “save” feature working in a trustworthy way.


@hodge There is not an easy way to know if you are at this invisible limit. The problem really is I have not seen Spotify officially acknowledge the existence of the 10,000 item saved limit. So this limit could actually be 9,721 items for all we know. There’s definitely not an official alert to when you are maxed out on saved items, you’re just on your own.


Double post.

Not cool. It should be made obvious when a user hits this so called limit. 

Experiencing same issue as everyone else here on mobile / desktop.

Mobile Details:

  • OS:  Android
  • Model: Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Spotify version:

Desktop Details:

  • OS: Windows 8.1 (x64)
  • Spotify version: (non-beta)

Music collection specs:


  • Total songs: 8896


I don't think this is a fair approach on Spotify's behalf.

A) We can just use playlists to circumvent said limit

B) There are lots of compilations / multi-CD albums with 100s of songs.

C) It's not made known to the user - resulting in lost music every time it is encountered initally

D) Paying customers should not be limited in this regard.

I almost filed a bug report before this because it's so unintuitive / not obvious.

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