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All kind of problems in Android app

All kind of problems in Android app






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 Ayo, I have come here because I am pretty fed up with the way the Android app is treating me. I had been using the Android app around May earlier this year, with a different account. Everything was great, however I ended up leaving. I came back around two weeks ago, and the first days with the app were good. However, it suddenly started acting up in all ways possible. Not only was I getting bombarbed by ads begging me to upgrade to Premium, but sometimes they wouldn't even play - ads seem to play whenever they feel like it, half the time it's "playback failed". Songs would bug in all ways possible as well. Very, very frustrating and annoying, specially for someone like me that is listening to music at least half the day. I have switched to iPhone, and I seem to be getting 0 problems there. It's probably my Android phone's fault (the Play Store had been bugging days prior as well, and other type of bugs, nothing too bad though). I don't seem to be having problems in PC either. So I dunno. Just leaving this here in case anyone can help or relate. Peace

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