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All playlists are gone after clean reinstall

All playlists are gone after clean reinstall







LG Velvet 

Operating System

Android, do not know what version


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After a full reinstall of Spotify (which I had to do for a whole other issue with local files being greyed out for no reason), I ended up with all of my playlists on mobile being gone. All my playlists are still on my PC, but on mobile it is telling me to create my first playlist.


There seems to be another issue too where all of the playlists that I can see, only show me undownloaded local files, and none of the liscensed music that should be on spotify normally. In the home screen I can see some of the playlists that I listened to on my PC but they cannot be played. 


Searching is also broken and just leads to an indefinite loading screen (same outcome with clicking on a playlist that is full of non-local files).


This whole issue has made spotify completely unusable, and by that I mean it literally. I cannot use Spotify until it is fixed.

Please help!

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If you are having this problem, I have just found a pretty simple solution that I am quite annoyed that I did not find sooner:


Go to settings > scroll down > storage 


You should see an option to change your storage option, which if your situation is like mine, you'll have 4 selections including the one cutrently selected. If it is on an SD card that has high amounts of storage taken up, click on a different storage location and wait. Spotify should restary itself, and you should have your playlists undownloaded, but there.

Hey @ZeffyrWoW,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


We'd like to add some insights here. We're aware of the first behavior you mentioned and it's being investigated here. We're happy to know you could sort this out, but we'd also suggest, if you wish, to subscribe to the thread in which we're receiving the reports, so you can stay up-to-date on any news about it.


On another note, we'd like to check, are you still having inconveniences with your local files? Just to confirm, are you unable to see the files you previously synced from your computer to your mobile device? If yes, please send us as much info as possible, so we can give advise on that matter.


Lastly, to begin with, we'd also add that you can now there's a new Local Files experience, in which there's no need to import the files from one device to the other, as the files can be stored on phones. You can read more about it here.

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