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Andriod Auto breaks when Spotify on Sonos used prior

Andriod Auto breaks when Spotify on Sonos used prior

I've noticed that my Samsug Galaxy S7 (Andriod v7.0, Kernel v3.18.31-11614766) running Spotify v, intermittantly doesn't play and errors out on the Andriod Auto console on my Chevy Bolt EV. To resolve this I will first disconnect the S7 from the USB connection in my Bolt EV, then go into the settings of my phone, finally I'll click on "FORCE STOP" in the Spotify App. Once completed I'll plug in the USB connection to my Bolt EV and it will start Andriod Auto. Lastly I'll select Spotify app on the Andriod Auto console and start listening.


I've since learned that if I play my Sonos at home on WiFi on my S7 prior to driving my Bolt EV, I will not be able to use the Sonos app in Andriod Auto. I will get the error noted in the attachment. Playing Spotify on the phone while NOT (USB) connected to Andriod Auto on my Chevy Bolt EV always works, it's only if I use the Sonos app and play from my Spotify account that this issue happens. To clear it I must "Force Stop" the Sonos app and everything works fine on Andriod Auto and playing Spotify from my Chevy Bolt EV. This might have to do with my Spotify User ID being used on BOTH Sonos (prior) and Spotify but I'm not sure. 


As you can see this is quite a lenghty process but seems to correct the problem for a day or two but it will eventually require me to "force stop" the app once Andriod Auto reports that somethings wrong with Spotify.

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