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Android 4.2 not working. Please help!

Android 4.2 not working. Please help!

All of a sudden I have a major problem.
My phone boots up fine and ends up at the lock screen. When I swipe to unlock all I get is the screen flashing alternate blue and black - no keys work - all I can do is take out the battery and start again!
I have tried a hard reset but all I get is a screen witht the android logo lying flat with a triangle with an exclamation work and the statement 'no command' it then boots up to the lock screen and the same problem.
I have not done anything to this phone - it has just started without any reason.

The phone is M-Horse N9000W running android 4.2
Can anyone help me please?

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It doesn't sound like a spotify problem. I  suggest you try a factory reset of your device to see if that helps.

i just got that phone today and it was working great i loved it the phone was fast and i used it all day and then i went to twitter which worked earlier well when i did that the phone cuts off then cuts on and goes to the android screen with the logo and cuts off and keeps doing that and i dont know how to hard reset this one or go it to safe mode

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