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Android App doesn't connect using WiFi

Android App doesn't connect using WiFi

Hi. For a while now Spotify does not connect using any wifi network (tested in different places), only works using mobile data. I've had this problem for a while now but I thought it would be fixed in newer releases. I am using a Huawei P9 Lite with EMUI 4.1.3, Android version 6 and have the Spotify app version 

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That's kinda sad to read. Can you please do this test?


- Reboot your phone (kinda obvious, I know) and try again.

- Format your internet settings (you will authenticate to your wifi again).

- Have you some other trouble when you are using your phone in wifi?

Hey @watangaboy,


That's annoying! Just so I can get a better understanding of what is going on here, can you answer the following questions, please


  • Is your phone running Stock or Rooted firmware (If you're not sure what this means it is safe to assume you're running Stock 🙂 )
  • Did the issue start after an update? (Either for Spotify or your Phone?)
  • Do you have issues connecting to anything else through WiFi? (Spotify website or other websites in general?)
  • Have you tried a fresh reinstall of Spotify? (More details on how to do this can be found here)

If you can think of anything else you can tell me, please let me know so I can find a solution for you as soon as possible!




Hey, @TheBrickSlayer, thanks for the fast answer. I've tried what you mentioned: deleted my wifi settings, restarted the phone, connected to the wifi network again but it is still giving me the No connection message. Apart from this issue I've had no problem with other apps or internet connection.

this is kinda sad to hear 😕


Can you please have a look here and keep me updated? Thank you 🙂

Hi all. Thanks for the support. I finnaly restarted my phone from factory settings and all is working now. Don't know what caused the issue.


Thank you!

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