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Android Auto: Albums not showing up

Android Auto: Albums not showing up






Pixel 6 / Hyundai i20

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Android 13


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I am new to use Spotify in my Car with Android Auto, but I have one issue with the App. When browsing my library I can select and filter all my artists, which is fine. But when I have selected an Artist, I can't see all the albums the have released, only a couple of songs.


Am I overseeing something, or is it not possible to search for an album and play it directly in Android Auto, like you can do on your smartphone or PC?


I hope someone can help me with this problem. Because right now I still have to grab my smartphone and select the album I want to play, which is clearly not what you want when using Android Auto.


Best regards,



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Hey there @Meiestrix,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


With the Spotify app on Android Auto, you can play the albums you have saved from the "My Library" tab, but keep in mind that some content may be missing on the screen, since this version of the app is designed to minimize distraction and stay focused on the road. In this case, we'd recommend saving the albums you want the most, before getting in the car to have them handy to play.


However, if the app doesn't have the Albums tab, include in your next response a picture where we can see the options you have available.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

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Hello Susan_GP,

thanks for the answer.

I understand that you design the app in a way that minimizes the distraction of the driver, but in my opinion the current solution is not necessarily the best way. When you know that the album exists in Spotify, because you listened to it before, you start searching even more, or pick up your smartphone to find the album while driving, which is not good.

In my opinion it would be nice if you could at least see the latest five albums of an artist.


I can see the albums tab, but it is not easy to use when you don't exactly know the name of the album, or you haven't saved the album. In my case I just want to go to Artists, select one Artist and then there should be a way to see all Albums without picking up the smartphone. Of course you should not do this while driving, but when you are waiting at a traffic light, this is totally fine.


Best regards,





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