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Android Auto Offline Mode can't view menu options

Android Auto Offline Mode can't view menu options






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I have several entire albums downloaded, but when my Spotify app is in Offline Mode and I open Android Auto and click the menu button it spins indefinitely and says "Getting your selection" (see attached screenshot.  Normally I'm able to see "Playlists", "Your Library", "Artists", etc., but now I cannot access the menu at all.  I tried restarting my phone.  When I turn Offline Mode off, the menu works fine, but it plays all my artists and radio over LTE (this uses up all my data) instead of just the ones I have downloaded.  When I turned Offline Mode back on... once again I cannot access the menu and it just sits there and spins forever.



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Same issue here, I run the following:
Pixel 2 Android 9
Spotify: version
Android Auto: version 3.3.582064-release

I'm having the same issue, although until recently, it worked as it should - i.e. I could see and play downladed music in Offline mode. I think the problem is at the Android Auto end though, as Spotify on the phone behaves as it should...

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