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Android Auto Spotify won't play or search

Android Auto Spotify won't play or search

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, running Android 5.0 and Spotify   My car has a Pioneer NEX8100 with Android Auto.  Android Auto is working great, and apps such as Pandora and Amazon Music work fine.  


But when I launch spotify from my receiver I get the error "Spotify doesn't seem to be working right now".  If I have Spotify running before I connect Android Auto, it will connect and the spotify app will play the current song.  But any attempt to search or change songs results in that error.  


Any tips?  So far I've tried re-installing the Spotify app.  

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Hey @tlmedia00! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


This issue is already under investigation.

You can download a slightly older version of the app.

You can check this ongoing issue report for more information. ^^




Nico, This is not the same issue as the one in your link. I have a note 5 and a 2016 VW GTI w/ Android Auto and since the latest Android update which occurred last week, I have been getting the exact same error as tlmedia00.

Correct. Different issue. FYI, I just switched phones from the S5 to an LG V10, and everything works great now.

So it's definitely a problem on the S5 Spotify app.

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