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Android Auto albums playing in alphabetical order


Android Auto albums playing in alphabetical order






Google Pixel 3

Operating System

Android v9


My Question or Issue

When playing from Andriod Auto, selecting a saved album the tracks start playing in alphabetical order, not the album order and from what I can tell it started to happen after Spotify version


I've tried every version of Spotify from that I can find and they all have this issue, I've also tried clearing application cache and data for both Android Auto and Spotify however the only thing to resolve this was to install Spotify


For now I have stopped auto update in the play store and am using Spotify version




Accepted Solutions
Marked as solution

Great news - looks like this bug has finally been fixed in Updated on my device on Sept 9th.

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10 Replies

Providing an update to the issue, I have been testing each new update of Spotify and can confirm that all versions after have this issue.

Further to this, I've just upgraded to Android 10 and can confirm the issue remains. it would be great to have this looked into or even ackowledged as an issue from Spotify..

Same issue here. Quite disappointing that this issue is taking so long to resolve, unless it’s somehow by design.


Thanks for testing all the older versions to see where the problem started. I’ll just have to downgrade in the meantime.

What’s your source for the back revved APKs? I just realized APK Mirror no longer has them.

Thank you very much for the hint, this also worked for me. I won't update as long as the problem is not being fixed.

This is absolutely a blocker for me, I mostly hear albums, and most of the time it makes no sense to hear albums in alphabetical order. (yeah, try your favorite concept album in alphabetical order)

I would hope it's not by design, a streaming service that doesn't understand album order is specifically by design haha.. it doesn't seem to be an issue directly in app.


I found a post from a while ago that mentioned the same issue with an old version, though that was fixed at some point.

Marked as solution

Great news - looks like this bug has finally been fixed in Updated on my device on Sept 9th.

Can also confirm this has been resolved with version

This isn't fixed for me. I'm on on a Galaxy S10. My Android Auto version is 4.6.593334-release. 

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